East Coast Edge Dance Center Facilities

Our Facility

East Coast Edge Dance Center was specifically designed from the ground up. Our 6,000 square foot studio includes four separate dance studios, a student lounge, kitchen and eating area, parent waiting area, bathrooms and changing areas and ample parking.

Our Dance Studios

Each of East Coast Edge’s four dance studios was designed with the well-being of our students in mind. Each studio features high ceilings and fans and is climate controlled to provide the optimum training environment. Our spacious studios also include top-notch stereo equipment, full-length mirrors, wall-mounted ballet barres and plenty of room for our dancers to safely leap, turn and jump.

State-of-the-art Dance Floors

Each of our dance studios includes professionally installed, injury preventative sprung floors covered in high-quality vinyl dance flooring called marley. When you walk into our studios you will not only notice that the floors are raised above the normal floor level but you will feel the floor’s flexibility. The marley is floating on high-density rubber that acts as a shock absorber with each dancer’s leap, turn or jump. The marley also provides a slip-resistant surface that will allow dancers to move with control to help avoid slips and falls. East Coast Edge Dance Center understands the importance of protecting our dancers from injury and this combination of sprung floors and marley is truly the gold standard.

Security Cameras

Your child’s safety is our top concern. Security cameras are placed throughout the dance center and are monitored by our staff. In the event of an incident, we are able to review the recordings.

Student Lounge

Our student lounge includes a small kitchenette complete with a refrigerator and microwave. There is also a large table for dancers to do their homework.

Waiting Area for Parents

Our comfortable lobby features TV monitors so that you can view your child in action. There are comfortable chairs and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Bathrooms/Changing Facilities

There are separate bathrooms and changing facilities for our male and female students. We encourage our dancers to leave expensive items at home or with their parents during classes. East Coast Edge Dance Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Convenient Ashburn Location

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