Tutus & Tiaras

Tutus & Tiaras

Tutus and Tiaras is a place where little girls’ dreams of becoming a princess come true. Our adorable princess themed dance classes will enhance your child’s imagination, coordination, and rhythm while learning about the art of dance through fairytale stories. During each class, your princess is guaranteed to receive the royal treatment. They will be greeted with a sparkling tiara, dressed in the finest princess attire and dance until the stroke of midnight (or until the end of their class). Our classes are for princesses aged fourteen months through six years old. We realize the finicky nature of princesses so these classes meet once a week for a 10-week session and there is no year-long commitment.

Dress code: Dancers should wear comfortable clothes that they can easily move in. Leotards and tights are not required but they are super cute!!

Tutus & Tiaras Classes

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Tutu Tots (14 months-2.5 years)Tutu Tots (14 months-2.5 years) – While it may look as though tiny ballerinas have run amuck, we assure you there is lots of learning taking place. Your toddler will enjoy putting on her very first tiara and march in a princess parade with a tutu in tow to add to the cuteness factor.  

Tiny Tappers (2.5-3.5 years) – Uh-Oh mommies and daddies! Watch out for your wood floors, they found the noisy stuff! This forty-five-minute ballet and tap combo class is just the right anecdote for busy feet.

Tiny Twirl & Tumble (2.5-3.5 years) – This action-packed 1⁄2 ballet and 1⁄2 tumbling class are sure to have your little one working off that excess energy. Leave their sleep lovies in the car, it’s sure to be a quiet ride home!

Twinkle Toes (3-4 years) – No babies in here! Bring on the big girl stuff! This one-hour ballet class will keep your ballerina on her toes as she dances with grace and poise in our princess style of course.

Lil Thumpers (3-4 years) – Mommies and daddies you can put the Tylenol away; we’ve been brushing up on our tapping skills. This ballet and tap combo class will be just what the doctor ordered.

Bitty Boppers (3-4 years)– Watch out Broadway!!! Our ballerinas have tiptoed right out of their tutus and are ready to boogie. This ballet, tap and jazz combo class is sure to leave you tickled pink!

Tip Toes (4-5 years) – We’ll chasse into a land of sugarplums and fairy princesses. This one-hour ballet class is where fairytales will come to life!

Jazzy Jammers (4-5 years) – We’re taking this ballet, tap and jazz combo class to the next level with bigger kicks, tapping tricks and of course more pirouettes.

Fairytale Classes (4-5 years) – The Fairytale classes are for those who are ready to work on “big girl” stuff, but still enjoy dressing up and telling fairytales.

Prima Ballerina (5-6 years) – Our prima classes are offered to help prepare our “big girl” ballerinas for classes outside the kingdom. Prima classes offered include Prima Ballerina, Prima Tap Ballet, and Prima Ballet, Tap & Jazz.


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